Let’s Get to Know Each Other

GanedenBC30 is a natural probiotic (“beneficial bacteria”) ingredient added to many foods, beverages and supplements to help support digestive and immune health*

GanedenBC30 is…

  • The trademarked name for the patented strain of probiotic bacteria, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086
  • An ingredient in foods, beverages and supplements
  • Safe – It’s NOT a drug - as per our FDA GRAS affirmation
  • Clinically studied and supported by over 20 peer reviewed, published papers
  • Calorie and gluten-free
  • Organic Compliant
  • Kosher and halal
  • A sustainable, naturally occurring, non-GMO ingredient - no "engineering" here
  • Used as an ingredient, ONLY to provide added health benefits to consumers. GanedenBC30 will not change the composition or taste of any product

What makes GanedenBC30 different from other probiotics?

GanedenBC30 is an EXTREMELY stable probiotic due to the cell’s ability to form a protective spore. Just like plant seeds wait to grow until spring when the temperature and moisture levels are optimal, GanedenBC30 spores wait to germinate and grow until they reach the intestines where the conditions are just right. This protective shell also gives GanedenBC30 the ability to survive harsh manufacturing processes, product shelf life and finally, the journey through the digestive system – most other probiotics just can’t survive these stresses.

Bake It. Boil It. Freeze It. Squeeze It.  GanedenBC30 survives harsh manufacturing processes most other probiotics don't.

These special characteristics allow GanedenBC30 to be included in everyday products you’re already consuming. From yogurt, oatmeal, muffins and pizza, to instant coffee, tea, milk and orange juice – GanedenBC30 is available around the world, in many popular foods and beverages.

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